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Q: How much does it cost to train with CTC? 

A: The price depends on your level how often you want to train per week. The start up cost is $100. Or alternatively you can attend the casual Saturday Brick Sessions for $10. (no fixed term) Check out the 'Get Started' page or contact us directly for more info. 



Q: Where are you located?

A: CTC is based in the North Shore of Auckland, NZ. 



Q: I have never done a triathlon before. Is this for me? 


Q: What is a Brick Session?



Q: Do I have a choice for how long I join for?

A: Absolutely! We can create a programme tailored to suit where your fitness levels stand. 

A: A brick session normally consists of a swim onto the bike then straight into a run. This can also be run, bike, run or just bike and run. Distances and time can vary depending on season and racing calendar. 

A:There are no contracts with CTC so you may stop and start at anytime.